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National Deaf Children's Society England - Free social care advisory service

National Deaf Children's Society England

For professionals working with children and young people with hearing loss.

Having a hearing loss of any level can place a child at a significant disadvantage and can also pose a significant risk to their emotional, social and intellectual development and overall wellbeing.

The National Deaf Children’s Society can provide free specialist advice to a range of professionals on the social care needs of deaf children and young people.

We’ll help you with factors that should be considered in any social care assessment of children with a hearing loss or on how support should be provided, including:

• what factors related to hearing loss need to be considered when undertaking an assessment of the child and when deciding whether a child in need assessment is required or a child protection response.

• what factors related to the child’s hearing loss should be considered when deciding what should be included in support plans, such as a child in need plan, looked-after care plan, education support plans, etc.

•what to consider if a deaf child is missing key developmental milestones

• access to Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payments

• how to involve and communicate with a deaf child in any decisions made about them

• what information and support foster carers or adoptive parents might require before a deaf child can be placed with them

• other resources that may be useful.

We’re here for all staff who support deaf children, including:

• early support and intervention
• assessment and intake
• child protection/public protection units
• children’s disability teams
• transitions teams
• education sensory
support teams
• fostering and adoption
• looked after teams
and leaving care
• youth offending services
• policy and planning services
• Safeguarding partners

For more information about the social care advisory line

Need help?
Call 0121 234 9825 or email: to speak to our team.

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