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Education, Health and Care Plans

From September 2014 Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC Plans) started to replace Statements of Special Educational Need. The government introduced a new Act – the Children and Families Act – which has changed the way children and young people from 0-25 years with SEND are supported. Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDA’s) are also being replaced by EHC Plans. Children and young people who already have a Statement of SEN or LDA will, where appropriate, gradually transfer over to EHC Plans by March 2018.

What are the benefits of EHC Plans?

-       Children, young people and their parents are at the centre of planning and should be seen as partners in the process.

-       There is a focus on the child or young person’s aspirations for the future

-       There is a focus on life outcomes – not just educational outcomes

-       The process looks at each child and young person as an individual

-       EHC Plans bring together education, health and care services into one plan.

-       Children, young people and their parents  should only have to tell their story once

-       EHC Plans may support young people up to 25 years depending on educational needs

Will my child receive an EHC Plan?

-       We will use the same criteria to agree to a needs assessment for an EHC Plan as we did for a statutory assessment for a Statement of SEN i.e. when it is considered that a child or young person may have special educational needs which cannot be reasonably provided for by the educational setting without an EHC Plan.

-       Needs assessments will now be for an EHC Plan.

How do I get an EHC Plan?

-       In the majority of cases it will be a child or young person’s educational setting that makes the request for a needs assessment.

-       Parents can also request a needs assessment. If your child or young person is at school, then you are advised to speak to their teacher or the schools Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) first as they may be able to make the request for you.

-       On the rare occasion that a parent wishes to make a request themselves, they should contact the SEND Assessment Team on:

tel: 020 8921 8044 / email.

 What if my child already has a Statement of SEN?

-       In most cases the Statement of SEN will be converted to an EHC Plan  no later than March 2018.

-       A timetable has been produced that sets out when different year groups will have their Statement of SEN converted to an EHC Plan.

-       The provision set out in the Statement of SEN will not change in the EHC Plan, unless, as before it is agreed through the annual review process.

-       All parents will be told when their child or young person’s Statement of SEN will be converted to an EHC Plan and they will be involved in the process.

Who do I talk to if I think my child has special educational needs?

If you think your child may have special educational needs, contact the person in your child’s school or nursery responsible for special educational needs. This person is called the “SEN Coordinator” or “SENCo”.

Contact the SEND Assessment team 020 8921 8029 / or your doctor if your child isn’t in a school or nursery.

You could also contact the SENDIASS service (formerly Parent Partnership) on 020 8921 8042 for impartial advice.

You can find out more about Education Health and Care Plans and the processes in place in Royal Greenwich on the links to the right.

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